* Reading is Fundamental*

U.S. International Rankings in Reading recently dropped from 17th to 20th place world-wide!

We’ve all read or heard this statement thousands of times! Why is it so important? As we have recently learned during the Great Recession, jobs have been very hard to come by. There are a reported 3 million to 5 million jobs that are available here in the U.S. that are proactively recruiting candidates, but those applying don’t have the basic skills required (STEM) for these positions! What a tragedy! To be prepared for the 21st Century high-tech careers, one will not only need (Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math skills), but more fundamentally will need to be able to read. Because of the Internet, texting, e-mails etc., all of us are reading more today than ever before. ** In a large corporation or government entity where ‘one’ has to communicate up to Senior Management, or across the spectrum to peers working on a team project, or down to key staff that have to implement the required solution, it is imperative that they can read and write effectively. How do we expect today’s students / future employees and leaders to compete without this key skill set of reading & writing effectively? Many jobs in 2015 didn’t exist in 2001; correspondingly, there are careers that don’t exist today, but in a few years will be considered mainstream.

In “Preparing Tomorrow’s Workforce”, AcademicONE  is fully committed in helping improving the reading skills of all our students. Research has shown that if reading is not inculcated in a student by the third grade, high school graduation, much less college, a typical student has a very low chance of becoming successful.

Reading must be in the forefront of all of our conversations. Regardless of the subject-matter being taught, reading skills (communication) is part and parcel of the entire foundation cornerstone!

**Parents are you Reading with your Children**?

**A blue collar worker who digs a ditch, or a carpenter who cuts wood precisely, or the bricklayer that positions each brick securely, has to be able to read and comprehend the instructions (Blueprints etc.) in order to deliver a final product that meets requirements, on time, on spec, and on budget!

 Be All You Can Be, Become Tomorrows Leaders.