The AcademicONE / Heart Beats to the City  is a organization that focuses on STEM and STREAM education for all K-12 students. 

Our Mission and Vision is to “Prepare Tomorrow’s Workforce, TODAY!

This is achieved via our E-Learning platform that utilizes our easy 1-2-3 step process of Formative Assessments, Individualized Learning Plans, followed by a final Summative Assessment.

As we are all aware, seventy percent of future career-opportunities will require skills & knowledge in math and science. With the current baseline of available applicants at only twenty percent, the AcademicONE /  Heart Beats to the City has taken on the formidable task of closing this gap, for underserved communities, especially for girls and students of color.

The tangible results translate into classroom confidence and improved grades. AcademicONE  helps students develop the enthusiasm to be life long learners.

In order to accomplish this goal, the management team brings, not only a wealth of Academic experience, but additionally, brings valuable insight and practical wisdom gained as innovators in their respective fields of Education, Technology, Sales & Marketing, and Operations.

As a team who shares a great deal of determination and drive, they are working to improve the way individuals learn, while continuously developing new and dynamic solutions to meet our student’s ever changing requirements.