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 * The U.S. rankings in International testing is trending in the wrong direction.*

 **Recent data shows the U.S. dropped from 25th to 27th in math, 17th to 20th in science, and 14th to 17th in reading**


The AcademicONE’s  ‘Mission & Vision’ is to level the playing field for all undeserved  K-12 students in the  United states. The STEM/STREAM environment is a ‘critical success factor’ for all future candidates who seek key careers in the 21st Century.

A vast majority of candidates will be required to possess ‘Key’ skills & knowledge in the math & science arenas.* The majority of opportunities, that may not exist in today’s workplace, will be standard operating procedure in the near short term.

AcademicONE  and its partners are poised to raise the performance levels in all students, to insure that they can successfully compete, in both the domestic and global economies. We fully understand that “Today’s students, will become tomorrow’s leaders”! 

As a prime example, Dr. Marvin Carroll, President/CEO of Tecmasters Inc. in Huntsville Alabama, has lead the way in supporting our ‘Mission and Vision’ to produce a new generation of engineers & scientists throughout the nation. As a prime partner, they have been a driving force in articulating this message throughout the corporate world. 

We welcome any organization that would like to join us in achieving the highest results possible.
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