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One of the major attributes of the AcademicONE  that separates ordinary educational interventions from the most effective, is the Power of our TRIAD STRATEGY!

The essential elements of the TRIAD are the student, the parent, and the teacher/administration!

These three facets are future indicators of success, both short and long term for the individual student.

1. The parent is the CEO (Chief Education Officer) and provides the in-home  support necessary for long term success.

2. The teacher is the primary interface who ‘teaches’/guides & directs the learner to successfully understand the immediate subject matter  and meet the learning measurements required.  (insures that ‘Learning’ has taken place, e.g. the transfer of skills & knowledge ).

3. Lastly, and as important, is the administrator who insures that the overarching strategic educational plan and objectives for both State    & local stakeholders, are achieved at all levels throughout the school environment. 

With this TRIAD strategy,success is an insured outcome, not relegated to one of low probability and random success outcomes as demonstrated by many solutions.

“How does AOF tie this all together”?

We provide a series of real-time quantitative reports available to the TRIAD (parent,teacher & administration) so that each individuals student’s  strengths & areas of challenge are easily addressed. All stakeholders are working with the same data sets, increasing the opportunity to support each student successfully.


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